Ice bank 500 liters

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Ice bank 500 liters

46 امتیاز

کد کالا : PSM3-1-1

ساخت : 2018

اصالت کالا : Original

قیمت : 2155 تومان

مشخصات کلی : Ice bank 500 liters

Ice bank :

Ice Bank is a device used at non-peak times using power and compressed compressors, with the help of refrigerant gases.
The source or tank cools down the water until the power consumption peak can be used with the lowest electrical charge.
Occasionally, in some industrial units, this device is also used to help lower the temperature of the hot liquids from production systems.
Ais Bank to create a refrigerator in livestock units, milk collection centers, food, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, buildings and places that can be used in non-peak hours with energy storage for stored time and peak hours. To be used.

This machine contains various components.

These components include:

1- Water bath (steel or galvanized)

2- Refueling Coil (Steel or Copper)

3- Coil holder (steel or galvanized)

4- Refrigeration Compressor with accessories

5. Control system for electrical switchgear

6. Water Transfer Pump

The function of this type of device is that after the storage of water in the operator's bath, the device will give the device a cooling instruction to the device by the actuator switch, and this command then the compressor compressors, which include the accessories (compressor compressor, thermal condenser - The glass is a volumetric liquid-liquid separator-oil separator and a control valve). By generating gas condensation and transferring it by pressure to the refrigerant coil by means of expansion valve, it causes the ice to flow away from the coil tubes, and this ice The water pump, which has the duty of continuously watering the garment, has melted as a result of the water temperature to the desired temperature of 1 ° C She arrives. The liquid temperature in the Ais Bank, which is mostly water, is usually above zero and between -1 ° C and 8 ° C, but if you need a temperature of up to 5 ° C, it can be designed in such a way that by adding a solution of ethylene glycol inside Wash the water temperature to 5 degrees.

Technical Specifications

Internal body of the body: galvanized sheet
Body Exterior: Stainless Steel 202 Imported 60 Thousand Hurricane
Internal body thickness: 2 mm
Thickness of the outer body: 60 hundredth
Chassis holder specifications: Profiles 40x40 and 30x30
Type and size of cooling coils: Imported 304 stainless steel, 16 mm
Model and power of the refrigerating compressor: Thai Cooltron with a power of 2.2 horse
Model and power of the cooling condenser: two showers 2.5 hp
Power and Brand Pump Water Circulation: Half Horses (Diesel)
Control and operation of the device: thermostat and thermometer in single phase
Standard Bank Ice Accessories:
The key 0 and 1 are switched off on the device, the key 0 and 1 turn off the pump,
Polystyrene insulation 3 cm, double foam insulation foam, galvanized floor sheet,
Gear and milk output, proportional to the capacity of the power switchboard unit in three-phase devices,
Visiting ladder on devices up to 10 tons
Delivery time: 6 working days

Bank Ice Reviews :

Typically, in units where cooling towers, cooling towers, and chillers are not responsive due to high air temperatures and high power consumption, they can not be used by the bank's ice machine.

The bank's ice machines are not comparable to their counterparts in terms of energy efficiency, but the occupancy of the room with this device and the amount of water consumed by this machine is one of the main defects in the bank's ice.

The bank's ice machines are usable with a different design, for use in drug and food units, and to reduce the water consumption temperature in the production of medicines and foods as low as possible.

Another major application of the bank's ice cream industry is the industrial bread industry.
When fermented dough is produced, if the water is used at a low temperature, the main tissue of the dough is maintained until copying, and as a result, the quality changes by at least 40%.

The merits of the bank's ice are high enough that buyers have not lost enough to get enough water and they want to use gasoline.

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