Two-layer steel tank 25,000 liters

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Two-layer steel tank 25,000 liters

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کد کالا : PSM1-2-9

ساخت : 2018

گارانتی : 1 Year

اصالت کالا : original

قیمت : 11750 تومان

مشخصات کلی : Two-layer steel tank 25,000 liters

Two-layer steel tank :

These types of reservoirs are used in manufacturing factories and in different industrial and agricultural areas. The use of this tank is in parts.
Which is used to store products that have an environmental temperature effect on them.

Used to hold liquid and powdered products that have an effect on the heat and cold of the environment on their original form and cause their corrosivity.
This type of tank may contain a mixer, depending on the type of product it is intended to contain, in some cases also products that do not need to be stirred during storage.

The overall structure of the two-tier storage tanks is such that the interior wall is surrounded by appropriate thermal insulations and the exterior wall retains these insulators.

In some cases, these reservoirs are also designed to withstand different pressures on the inner wall or internal wall.

Two-tier storage tanks are designed and manufactured according to world-class standards by the company pooya snat mobadel. The company's tanks have one year body warranty and ten years after-sales service.

pooya sanat mobadel Co. has built a two-seater steel tanks for many factories. pooya sanat mobadel Co. is the only company in the Middle East.
Which has expanded its products, and in particular the price of two-seater steel tanks on its website and social networks, with the technical specifications.

Our goal is to provide the best customer service for the purchase of a two-cylinder steel tank for storage and storage.

Technical Specifications

Internal body thickness:

4 mm in the body of the 304 steel
Lens Floor Lining:
4 mm from steel 304
Lens thickness:
4 mm from steel 304
Exterior body thickness:
1.5 mm from steel 304
Outer Floor Lens Thickness:
1.5 mm from steel 304
Number and height of bases:
4 x 65 centimeters
Power and Electromotor Output:
3 horse 30 rounds
Size and type of outlet valve:
63mm Taiwan
Type of sheet used:
Stainless Steel 304 Spain
Electromotor Type:
SEW Germany
Fiberglass foam and 4 cm foam
Type of welding and cleaning surface:
Argon welding type and polished work surfaces
Fixed double-layer tanks
Height adjustment screw, product inlet and outlet, air vent, manhole door, ladder for up to 2000 liters capacity, CIP roller for washing, tank fitting chassis
Delivery time of goods:
20 working days

Strengths :

The strengths of the double-layer steel storage tank are as follows:

- Maintaining materials and products in the same form

- Long-term maintenance of materials and products

- Lifetime of the tank compared to other metal and plastic samples

- The beauty of the reservoir in the production hall and the places of deployment

weak points :

The weaknesses of the steel storage tank are two layers in the following cases:

- The high cost of finished tanks due to the fact that the stainless steel is imported and the new alloy is new

- Hard repair of tanks at break time

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