500-liter single-layer steel reactor

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500-liter single-layer steel reactor

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کد کالا : PSM2-1-1-1

ساخت : 2018

اصالت کالا : Original

قیمت : 5300 تومان

مشخصات کلی : 500-liter single-layer steel reactor

reactor :

The reactor is a kind of steel tank in which different reactions are made. Reactions that cause a general physical change and a change in the nature of its internal materials.

The reactors depend on the needs of the industry, with a great deal of scope. Each racket in a particular industry has complexity.
Reactors in the world are made of a variety of materials, whose internal reaction is a major factor in the construction of material-based materials. In this section, we refer to the structure of stainless steel reactors 304 and stainless steel reactors 316, and our goal is to familiarize those customers with information. Not enough reactors.

Stainless steel reactors are usually divided into several process categories, each of which itself is designed and built in different parts of each section in both continuous and non-continuous operation.

Reactors are commonly used in the chemical sector, in chemical reactors, thermal reactions, compression, and vacuum generation can change the nature of materials and the formation of new materials and products.
In the chemical sector, various reactors such as Plug Reactors, CSTR reactors, floating bed reactors, membrane reactors, bio reactors, and nuclear reactors are used.
One of the most important reactors we are familiar with are nuclear reactors, usually in three types of reactor, heavy water reactor and light water reactor.

In the pharmaceutical sector, the reactors are used to plant and cultivate a variety of bacteria, sometimes referred to as a processor.

In the food industry, vacuum and pressure generation processes are used in the reactors and there is no specific reaction process in the stainless steel industry. Therefore, in these industries, most reactors are known as vacuum reservoirs or under pressure, and the term "reactor with this" Industry is not tangible.

Pouya Industrial Co. has been designing and manufacturing various reactors for chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries since 2008. In the food sector, it has been designed for toffee, salt and paste production, and in the pharmaceutical industry, the production of sponge and protein substances, and in the chemical industry, resin reactors, fertilizers, oils, coolant fluids, and so on.

Reactor weaknesses and strengths :

Because of the complexity of the reactors, they are usually of high weight in terms of weight, and since the type used in the reactors is stainless steel with grades 304 and 316, their cost is high.

The maintenance of the reactors is more difficult than that of the recycle reservoirs, and it is highly necessary for the person responsible for the maintenance of the reactors.
The weakness of the reactors is mainly due to leakage and tearing or cracking in the various layers due to thermal reactions and thermal stresses.
The second weakness of the reactors at the time of use is the type of mixer and mixer, and if not regularly inspected, it can cause irreparable damage to the product line.

The strengths of the reactors are due to the fact that, since they are designed with different thicknesses, they tend to last longer compared to stainless steel tanks, and during continuous maintenance at the time of maintenance, they can work in different industries for decades. To be

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