300 liters of yogurt Cooling

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| Yogurt Fermenting Machine | yogurt Cooling Stainless Steel | 300 liters of yogurt Cooling

300 liters of yogurt Cooling


کد کالا PSM10-5-2
ساخت 2018
اصالت کالا Original
وارانتی 10 Year
قیمت : 985 تومان

مشخصات کلی :300 liters of yogurt Cooling

Technical Specifications


Inner body plate: Stainless Steel 304 Spain 1.5 mm
Exterior Sheet: Stainless Steel 202 Imported 60% Hinged
Sheet of round frame: 304, 1.5 mm stainless steel
Intermediate wall insulation: glass fiber and foam ready for 3 centimeters
Chassis device: 30 × 30 iron
Power and type of cryogenic compressor: 1 Thai  horses
Power and Brand Condenser Cryogenic: 1.5 horse 3-chamber copper dual fan
Exhaust and pulse electro motors: 37% KW
Electromotor brand: MArelli Italy
Mixer Type: 2-way Steam Stainless Steel
Amount and type of power consumption: 5.5 amps, single phase

Fixing Accessories:

Key 0 and 1 turn off the device,
The key 0 and 1 turn off the stirrer,
Polystyrene insulation 3 cm long, double foam insulation,
 Galvanized Sheet,
38 mm Taiwanese valve outlet valve made of stainless steel,
Compressor section protector, Stainless steel door


Cooling Drinking Yoghurt Steel:



Our yogurt drink cooling machine is the same as a milk cooling machine with our yogurt preserving tank and a refrigeration system for cooling yogurt drinks.

If your drinking yogurt production in a traditional dairy workshop follows a specific formula and is based on research, it needs to be kept at a specific temperature and under certain conditions.

In our traditional dairy workshop, which pooya sanat mobadel  COMPANY has been equipping and launching, our production of yogurt is formulated. It can be of great benefit to the body when our yoghurt is made using modern methods and according to traditional products.

pooya sanat mobadel Co. is the first industrial dairy industry manufacturing plant. We have tested and tested all traditional dairy production formulas with semi industrial and industrial methods thanks to being the first to manufacture traditional dairy products with a semi-industrial method, and so we use our cooling machine for our drinks in our workshops.

Other companies, such as the copy of this system in the country, were not aware of any technical information of the products. We designed the semi-industrial equipment to produce traditional yogurt drinks, so that we can preserve all the benefits of a traditional yogurt drink and we can share the health of our countrymen. In the review section, we will provide more information about this information production process.




Cooling Yogurt Drink Review:




And again, unfortunately,

According to the word of critique, we have to tell the truth, and to uncover the truths we have to use the word unfortunately, however, we know that these critiques are a source of dismay for some of the makers who will make these critiques.

Unfortunately, in our country, because of the lack of regulatory and standardization units in the industry, there are new builders who have entered the field of industrial equipment, or some of the producers who are more interested in earning money by adding industrial products beyond their specialty, They create .

In 2008, Poya Sahanddaddel launched its first industrial yoghurt production, which lasted for a decade, at that time dairy production was not in this form today, for example, for the production of dough, milk in copper pots or pots Bake the milk cooler and put on the flame directly on the milk cooler and then turn it into yogurt, pouring the yogurt into a washing machine or galvanized mixer, and the butter separates it into The remaining yogurt was diluted and added water to make dough.

In industrial units, two processes are used to produce yogurt: Yogurt Yogurt and Yogurt Drinks, two phases, the so-called newbie friends, who use new-fashioned marketing techniques to sell their products. Our yogurt drink was made from late in industrial units from milk or from a previous breeder. In order to produce yogurt drinks, we should remove the fat from our yogurt drink because, if fat is high, yogurt will mold in the long run and lead to corrosivity. After separating and balancing the fat needed to make our yogurt, the milk was poured into the process of the tank and heated to it, and according to the formulation it was produced and, after treating the beverage, pasteurized the yogurt, and finally, the beverage Yogurt was added to the essential oils and then packed. The shelf-life of this type of yogurt was 45 days from the date of production and packaging. It is worth noting that during this period of 45 days, the taste of our yogurt drink was due to preservatives like the first day and there was no change in taste and color.

If the yogurt drink produced in the mastership unit is after 4 to 7 days, it may be bitter or it can not be drinked due to excessive gas (due to its acidic load).

In the year 2008, after experiencing a lot of variations of the formula, we got the formula of yogurt and we combined it with traditional yoghurt drink to the final formula. To produce the traditional yoghurt drink with a semi-industrial method, without additives, 12 to 15 days, can be maintained without changing the taste. And color. This is a yogurt drink that can not be cooked in normal conditions and uses traditional and traditional cooking conditions.

Eventually, after production, it should be cold quickly, so that it can not be broken or corrupted for 12 to 15 days to survive.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the friends of the manufacturer of new machines and friends who, without research and work of the boss, only copying the above equipment have not yet been able to achieve this production process. We can safely say that 90% of the makers working in the field of production and sale of traditional dairy equipment and mashings are beginning to receive information from the Poya Sanat Corporation, a Peshama Industrial Group brand (documents are documented and written) We thank God that has been a boom in the manufacturing and manufacturing of traditional dairy equipment in the country.

Pouya Industrial Co. has started its activities since 1381 and in 2008, with the registration of companies and brands, it has been designing and manufacturing machinery for purifying salt production line, dairy production line, steel tanks, reactors and processors Steel, refrigeration systems such as refrigerators, ice banks, chillers, milk cooling, cooling of yogurt drinks and industrial water dispensers, livestock equipment and milk collection, but new entrants entered the field from 1390 to 1394 Making machines for mast management).

In the end, it is worth noting that the process of producing and selling traditional yoghurt drinks, as well as other products in this group, requires research and expert work, our drinking water cooling unit, Poya Sahand Co., has made it possible for your product to last with quality and with Use the correct formula more than your other competitors.


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شرکت پویا صنعت مبدل با بیش از یک دهه سابقه فعالیت در طراحی و ساخت ماشین آلات زیر همواره تمام سعی خور را نموده است تا بتواند هر چند اندک قدمی برای شکوفایی صنعت و اقتصاد ایران زمین برداشته باشد . در زیر به بخشی از فعالیت های خود اشاره میکنیم :

ساخت : مخزن استیل ، مخازن استیل حمل ، تانکر حمل استیل ،سردخانه بالای صفر ، سردخانه زیر صفر ، راکتور استیل ، فرمانتور استیل ، فرمانتور دارویی ،آیس بانک ، تجهیزات ماست بندی ،لوازم فروشگاه لبنیاتی ، وسایل ماست بندی ، دیگ پخت استیل ، دیگ پخت تافی ، پروسس تانک ، شیر سردکن لبنیاتی ، شیرسردکن دامداری ، شیر دوش سیار ، شیر دوش ثابت ، آسیاب میکسر دامداری ، علوفه خردکن و انواع تجهیزات صنعتی دیگر که امیدواریم توانسته باشیم تا رضایت شما مشتریان محترم را کسب نماییم .

از وب سایت پویا صنعت مبدل میتوانید در کمتر از یک دقیقه به مشخصات فنی و قیمت اقلام ذیل دسترسی پیدا کنید : قیمت مخزن استیل ، قیمت مخازن استیل تک جداره ، قیمت مخزن دوجداره استیل ، قیمت مخزن سه جداره استیل ،قیمت پروسس تانک استیل ، قیمت مخزن حمل استیل ، قیمت مخزن حمل شیر ، قیمت شیرسردکن ، قیمت شیر سردکن دامداری ، قیمت لوازم ماست بندی ، قیمت وسایل مغازه لبنیاتی ، قیمت آسیاب و میکسر ، قیمت علوفه خردکن ، قیمت راکتور استیل ، قیمت فرمانتور استیل ، قیمت سردخانه بالای صفر ، قیمت آیس بانک ، قیمت شیر دوش سیار و ثابت