Cooling milk 300 liters

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Cooling milk 300 liters

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Product Code : psm 7-5-1

Making : 2019

گارانتی : 1 year

Originality of goods : Original

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Milking machine for animal husbandry

Cool milk is one of the main pillars of traditional and industrial animal husbandry. The importance of the quality and health of the milk depends on the quality and quality of the refrigerated systems. The higher the quality of the refrigeration and the maintenance of raw milk, the health and quality of the milk will be ensured and maintained.

Due to the presence of proteins and nutrients and fat, milk has a rapid corrosive effect. After milking, it takes 1 to 3 hours for the milk cooling process to be accelerated to prevent its destructive bacterial activity.

As soon as milk is cooled faster, it does not absorb microbial load, and thus the environment is not acidic.

We have been working with the brand (Industrial Group # Poosam) in pooyasanatmobadel Co. since 2008 to manufacture 100 to 150 tap changer units with capacities of 500 to 3500 liters. In the past years, thanks to the oil-dependent economy, The failures of government executives and officials in the economy have witnessed a fall in the value of the national currency against other international currencies, and as a result, we have seen an increase in the price of imported raw materials for the domestic industry and the construction of refrigerating units, such as milk coolers.

Now, pooyasanatmobadel Co. has been manufacturing refrigerating machines with capacity of 200, 300 and 400 liters since 2019. But over time, with the review of the construction and use of raw materials, we concluded that the manufacture of 200, 300, and 400 liters of condensed milk was not economical due to the raw materials used and the final sale price for our customers and partners. Therefore, we stopped producing these devices from the second half of 2019.

In 2019, a new era in the industry and economy of the country, we decided to redesign the finished products by re-designing all the equipment made by the company.

The price of the milk dispenser you see on this website comes with a 15% net profit for the company, with a full year warranty and ten years of after-sales service.

In the markets that do not build the milk cooler, and only buy skeletons from small factories and install refrigerating systems on them, they are then offered, which shows that the sales prices are much lower than the sales price of the company's milk coolers. Our colleagues in the introduction and review section have compared the two standard 500-liter standard and non-standard valve sockets that will not be appreciated by your customers.

In the end, we hope that the economic boom will return to the country's cycle, so our countrymen will be able to buy better-quality devices with better purchasing power.

Technical Specifications

Internal wall material The thickness of the stainless steel sheet 304 is imported 1.5 mm
The external wall of the sheet The thickness of the sheet is 60 mm Hg 430

Characteristics of the chassis holder for the 30x30 and 30x20 steel profiles
Type and size of the pipe 030 m. 3.8 inches
Model and power of the refrigerating compressor 1 thai holocaust horses
Model and power of cooling cooling condenser 1.5 hp single-fan copper
Model and power of 18% of Italy's First Class Marmi Electromotor
The type and type of 304 stainless steel stirrer
Control and function of the thermometer and thermostat, single-phase operation
Fixed and common connectors for keychains The key 0 and 1 are switched on, the key is 0 and 1, the switch is switched off, the switch is turned off, 3 cm solid insulation polystyrene insulation, double foam mattress insulation, galvanized floor sheet, 1 inch galvanized valve, with knees and stainless steel 304, Compressor section protector, Stainless steel door
Delivery time 4 working days

Review of 500 liters standard and non-standard stores:

The following criticism has been calculated in terms of prices offered by vendors on May 2, 1398 with a price of 13700 USD.

In our review section, we decide to introduce the ingredient of a 500 liters standard milk cartridge for the standard livestock for you, and identify the prices.

500 liters standard milk valve components:

1- Van made of stainless steel 304 imported 1.5 mm thick

The type of pouring from the inside and white and polished

Angle or frame away from stainless steel 304 with a thickness of 1.5 mm

Double hinged door of stainless steel 304 with thickness of 1 mm

2. Copper tube 3.8 inches 2 coils 030 with a thickness of 0.75 mm

3- Compressor 1 and a quarter of Thailand's Keltron Horse with equipment and power box

4. Condenser 1.5 hp copper davifen 4 loll

5-Twenty-Five-Twenty Euro Crankshaft with a turning speed of 30 rpm

6 chassis of 30x30 steel profiles 1.5 meats

7. Polystyrene insulation 3 cm. Compressed and aluminum glass wool

8. Steel stirrer with 25 mm 304 tube and 26 x 12 cm steel impeller for 1.5 mm

9-Sheet Coated with 0.5 mm Covered 430 Wrap

10. European thermometer 6 centimeters and original prodigy thermostat

11- Cable 2 × 2.5, Wire with 1.5-wire rating, 1201 switches on and off the device

12. Welding tin: The percentage of 60% tin mixes up to 40 lead

The finished product costing the standard milk mill of 13.200.000 USD without production costs and sales profits

Manufacturing costs of 920,000 USD per 4 working days. 2 professors

Total amount: 14.120.000 USD + 20% profit Sale of goods = 16.944.000 USD

Non-standard 500 liters of condenser milk components:

1 - Van made of stainless steel 304 imported with a thickness of 1.2 mm

The type of tubing from outside and the presence of weld seam inside the tub

Angle or frame away from stainless steel 304 with a thickness of 1.2 mm as stitched

Two hinged doors of stainless steel 304 with thickness of 0.6 mm

2. Copper tube 3.8 inch 1 025 coils with a thickness of 040 mm Misc and market

3- Fourth Chinese horse compressor or with a system of power supply in the body

4. Condenser 1 single-hull aluminum horse

5-Seat 15 Chinese Chinese with gearbox type 30 Chinese

6- Chassis of 30 × 30 1 profiles of 1 Meat Meal Meal

7- Polystyrene 2-centimeter regular insulation without glass wool

8. Steel stirrer with a tube of 16 mm 304 and a butterfly 10 x 20 cm. 1.5 mm stainless steel

9-Sheet Coated with 0.5 mm Covered 430 Wrap

10. Rotary Thermometer

11 Cable 2 in 1/5, wiring with score wire 1, switches on and off the device

12. Welding tin 40 to 60

The cost of manufacturing the non-standardized non-standard valve mill is 9.200.000 USD without production costs and sales profits

Manufacturing costs of 920,000 USD per 4 working days. 2 professors

Total amount: 10.120.000 USD + 40% profit Sale of goods = 14.200.000 USD

With a thumbnail account, you will find that manufacturers of dairy machines or other traditional dairy products sell their devices with higher profits to their customers, however, 99% of these stores do not make any commitment to warranty and after-sales service.

The above is just the same as the cost of a 500-liter cooling tapping machine, and it's not mentioned in the construction of new devices such as twins that are completely out of the standard design of cooling systems.

In contrast to the milk and traditional dairy equipment produced by prestigious companies and not every company (# the prestigious company is said to be a company that is responsible for its built-in equipment and considers the client as an integral part of its portfolio and is available 24 hours a day. Providing customer service and holding permissions from the trade unions, the Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other state economic and commercial oversight bodies. They have one year warranty and one year of after-sales service and free advice before purchasing the device fairly.

Poya Sanat Corporation, in your home town, has a dear customer, and if you need to ensure the warranty service and after sales, you can contact our friends at the sales department.

The slogan of 2019 is Pouya Industrial Co.

One for all and all for one

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