List of traditional dairy production equipment 100 to 500 liter

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

List of traditional dairy production equipment 100 to 500 liter

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Standard production equipment yogurt

We provide the list of equipment needed for the construction of traditional dairy workshops or our manufacturing equipment, so that equipment makers in the country do not misuse your information and will not sell you unused devices at unbeatable prices.

Before starting to announce the list of equipment needed by traditional dairy factories, we should inform you friends that the equipment will never have such impact on production products. Until you have a proper formula for traditional dairy products, you have to sell your products with cheap ones. Offer more. Cheaper to the dairy market also causes irreparable damage to the raw milk market.

In other sections, we will present the traditional dairy formula.

How to sell dairy products without quality?

When you have to sell your products at a low price and you do not have enough profits to sell your livestock, you have to use lower quality raw materials, for example, to convince you to produce dairy products High quality traditions:

# What is the profit of milk production in animal husbandry? #

Assume you own a ranch, to produce a liter of milk, you have to feed a large amount of milk to your livestock daily, according to research from industrial farms if the quality of their milk production is 3.4% fat or 30 to 31.5 lb. The feed consumed per livestock is about 80% of the price of milk is supplied. According to the price of milk supply from industrial dairies to dairy factories, which is about 1400 to 1500 tomans, we can get 1200 tooman per one milk carton. It is worth noting that this price is for industrial farms with 100 heads of livestock, and if the number of livestock is less than that, feed costs will be higher due to lack of sufficient land for the cultivation of forage, silage, and cereal grains, Perhaps in most livestock farms, dairy farms under 100 heads usually represent high losses or head-to-head drops (profit and loss).

So you have come to the point that the profits of your products for the supply of about 200 to 300 Toman for the industrial and about 100 to 150 Toman for traditional farms and under 100 heads in the most optimistic situation. In the meantime, in order to clarify your thoughts, if your livestock breeding is less than 100 heads and known as traditional livestock, your milk is bought by collecting stations or intermediaries, and the return of your livestock for a period of one to three It will take months to reach you and you will be faced with a sharp decline in working capital.

Masterships can not buy their milk from industrial farms, industrial farms sell their livestock contracts to dairy industrial units to ensure their returns are guaranteed.

We are now going to the main customers of your milk, which are milk picking stations, milk buying and selling intermediaries, and mast management. You have to work with your cash customers, the masterships, and provide your own lanterns with mastheads because your rebate is lower.

Your milk buyer is a masturbator, the same mast management that was forced to offer more discounts when it comes to delivering products because of the lack of production as formulation, and as a result of this sale, it has gained very little profit, and in most cases, He has given his day to the night.

# Low quality milk purchase #

You offer him milk for 1400 tomans, and he says that the price of raw milk is high and because of the cheapness of selling his products, he has to use cheap milk, you are trying to convince him with a lot of explanations, but he does not listen to him and he wants Cheap milk is cheap. So, you have no way but to reduce the amount of food you eat in your cow diet, or make cheaper feeds in your rations daily. By doing any of these, your quality and lactation drop, and you would have to either replace your livestock or sell your livestock in the long run.

You saw, with a simple example, that the milk and milk industry will face a huge challenge. This example is quite realistic for you, Poya Sana Industrial Co., a manufacturer of equipment for livestock breeding, milk collection centers and factories, and a traditional dairy workshop in the country, has provided the above example for more than 100 times. We have come close to touching and have repeatedly witnessed the bankruptcy of traditional animal husbandry.

So now we can say with confidence that the production of traditional and industrial dairy products with the best quality and formulation can boost the production of raw milk and traditional dairy products.

# The formula for the production of traditional yogurt in industrial process #

If you dairy products formulate in your own mastership, you will see that unprocessed raw milk has no place in your everyday produce: for example, in the formula for producing pasteurized yogurt with moderate fats, it should be from milk with a percentage of fat X, Dry X, Density X, Microbial Tests, and X Alcohol Test, and if you do not have the raw milk included, you will not buy it.

In the second stage, the production of formulations is produced if the above factors are obtained in raw milk. For cooking it has been formulated. It should be used for the preparation of pasteurized yoghurt milk indirectly, and after pasteurization It was kept for at least X minutes for microbial decontamination. After this, we had to bring the milk to our liquid chromatography grade, which was X grade, and then digest and transfer it to the refrigerator and refrigerator, and then to the refrigerator for sale. Transferred to the store.

# Not included in my case #

But unfortunately, due to lack of strict supervision over the production and sale of our manufacturing machinery and traditional dairy products in our country, the industry and the ministries concerned, each natural person and legal new industrial producer has produced this equipment, and interestingly, in some provinces Due to lack of technical information and inexperience, health authorities and food and drug dealers are witnessing the release of a list of equipment from these health organs that have not seen most of these devices and, if they are seen, are not aware of their effectiveness.

These new builders, who have entered the industry of traditional dairy equipment, have gone bankrupt with the industry (traditional dairy products) for a few more years. Fars Province, before 1396, did not grant any natural or legal person the license to launch traditional dairy products, since April 2012, licensing was issued and this year it has issued a licensing license for the whole lifetime of Fars province, it is interesting. Know that their list was as follows:

Today, after one year, the plans of the provincial governors of Fars province have not yet come to the fore, and according to the standards of the day, we have not yet come to the conclusion that the pasteurizer is equipped with hatch screens, homogenizers and packaging machines. ..... How can they be made after each CIP or rinsed? Thanks to these friends in the health department, the guild room and the Food and Drug Monitoring Office in Fars province, semi-industrial dairy producers of the traditional dairy industry quickly began to equip mast management in Fars province with these unfounded standards and the basis of the authorities of Fars province.

If you have seen our compatriots in Fars province, you have seen the masterships that have opened in this city, similar to the refinery, to traditionally produce dairy products,

# Loss of traditional dairy tastes in central cities of the country #

Traditional librations in Shiraz and most central cities such as Isfahan, Yazd, Yasuj, Shahr-Kord and others do not have the same trace of tradition and are more like industrial products that do not allow the activity of industrial units, nor can they themselves serve as traditional units Continue to work. Due to the industrialization of equipment in these units and the lack of knowledge of the owners of the mastership before the launch of the workshop and the absence of officials with these investors, instead of the vacuum of dairy industrial products filled with traditional dairy products, the per capita consumption of dairy products has been reduced. In these newly established industrial units, rather than on the traditional formulas of traditional dairy products, more attention is paid to the appearance of traditional lipid, instead of being formulated with organic formula, we produce a long-lasting, hard-pasteurized yogurt Using pasteurizers and adding preservatives and us

Is there a traditional word for dairy in the city of Iran today. Unfortunately, traditional equipment makers make sales for their profits.

# The traditional dairy formula #

If you want to produce the best dairy product in the same pot, with the minimum requirements, you can produce the best product, but with the correct formula of production, we have said in various sections of this website that industrial machines improve the quality of products by about 15% And increasing the shelf life and microbial detention rate by about 45%.

The Ministry of Health and the Food and Drug Administration at this ministry intends to prevent semi-industrial equipment from dairy products from traditional industries and prevent the emergence of further contamination, and intends to provide better organic dairy products to our beloved compatriots. But where is it going to be done without industrial and manufacturing advice?

We have about 15 to 20 industrial units in the country that are producing dairy processing machines, we can safely say that the units of the workshop and machinery that interfere with the production of these machines make about 20 Up to 40 times higher than industrial units.

At the end of the list we will present the equipment needed for the production of traditional dairy products and our production without interference. Dear visitors, we ask that you do not buy any equipment without consulting additional equipment from any manufacturer.

Equipment needed for yogurt production

Note that the main concern should be before you buy a shop or shop.

Equipment needed for 100 to 1000 liters yogurt production workshop:

Available products, raw milk, all types of yogurt, all kinds of yogurt drinks, creamy breakfast, butter, cherry, cheese, whey and grapefruit

1 - Van Get raw milk 400 kg

2. Weighing scale of raw milk received 500 kg

3 - 1 ton transfer pump and physical filter of raw milk 51 mm

4. A 500-liter stainless steel tap with a compressor of 1 to 1.5 horses and a 25% KW stirrer.

5- Tank process with a 30-round horsepower

6. AIS 400 liter petrol engine with 1.5 horse compressor

7- Homogenizing pump, garlic cola and transfer to a 2-ton full-heater

8. A 500-liter hot-air dampers with a 1.5-horse compressor and a 25% KW stirring mixer

9. Mixer for 150 liters of beef and beef

10- 40 kilo styrofoam stomach

11 - 2 × 3 refrigerated rooms at a height of 2.2 m with a 2.5-horse compressor

12-WC with aluminum walls of 1.5 in 2 in height of 2 meters

13- Turkish desk stand 120-140 liters single-phase

14. Test milk and drink milk training

15. Training on the production of traditional malt or traditional dairy products

Equipment for traditional dairy stores

1-storey refrigerator 6-door 2-pc with 1-horse compressor

2- Freezer refrigerator stand 4 doors with compressor 2 horses 1 pcs

3. Double-Door Ice-cream Refrigerator 1 pc

4- Showcase 120 x 70 cm 2

5-storey store shelf in a row with a height of 120 centimeters

6. Balance a 50-kilo lodge

The place is needed to produce yogurt

1- Area for production and sales in one place 65 to 85 square meters with a width of at least 4 meters and a height of 53 / m

2- Single-phase or three-phase electricity of 32 Amps

3. Salty salty store 2 pieces (one storehouse and one store)

4-Washroom two (one store and one store)

5. Drinking Water (Urban Plumbing)

6. Urban gas (G6 meter or G60 upstream)

If you choose us for your purchase, you can get the price and technical specifications of the above devices from this site.

Thank you very much for giving us time.

In the end, you can comment on the type of information on this website with us in the comments section.

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