200 liters of yogurt Cooling

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

200 liters of yogurt Cooling

25 امتیاز

Product Code : PSM10-5-1

Making : 2018

گارانتی : 1 Year

Originality of goods : Year

قیمت : 780 تومان

مشخصات کلی : 200 liters of yogurt Cooling

Technical Specifications

Inner body plate: Stainless Steel 304 Spain 1.5 mm
Exterior Sheet: Stainless Steel 202 Imported 60% Hinged
Rounded frame sheet: 1.54mm stainless steel
Intermediate wall insulation: glass fiber and foam ready for 3 centimeters
Chassis device: 30 × 30 iron
Power and Type of Cryogenic Compressor: Thirty-Fourth Thailand's Caltron Horse
Power and Brand Condenser Cryogenic: 1 horse 2 single copper tubes
Power and range of the stirrer electromotor: 37 Kg
Electromotor brand: MArelli Italy
Mixer Type: 2-way Steam Stainless Steel
Amount and type of power consumption: 5 amps, single phase
Fixing Accessories:

0 and 1 switch off the device, switch 0 and 1 turn off the mixer,
Polystyrene insulation 3 cm long, double foam insulation,
Galvanized Galvanized Sheet, Taper Output 38mm, Taiwan Butterfly Made of Steel,
Protective Compressor Part, Steel Hinged Door, R22 Gas Refrigerant

Dough cooled steel:

A dough cooling machine, like a dough mixer, has a dough preserving tank and a refrigeration system for cooling the dough.

If your production dough in the traditional dairy workshop and matured special formula follows and produced according to the research, it needs to be kept at a specific temperature and under certain conditions.

Dough production is being formulated in the traditional dairy works that the Pooya Mobadil Company has been equipping and launching, while it can be of great benefit to the body when dough is produced in accordance with traditional methods.

Poya Sanat Mobadd is the first industrial dairy industry. We have tested and tested all the traditional dairy production formulas with semi-industrial and industrial methods thanks to being the first to manufacture traditional dairy products with a semi-industrial method and, therefore, we use a dough cooler in our workshops.

Other companies, such as the copy of this system in the country, were not aware of any technical information of the products. We designed semi-industrial equipment for producing traditional dough so that we can keep all the benefits of a traditional dough and we can share the health of our countrymen. In the review section, we will provide more information about this information production process.

Steel Cooling Review:

And again, unfortunately,

According to the word of critique, we have to tell the truth, and to uncover the truths we have to use the word unfortunately, however, we know that these critiques are a source of dismay for some of the makers who will make these critiques.

Unfortunately, in our country, because of the lack of regulatory and standardization units in the industry, there are new builders who have entered the field of industrial equipment, or some of the producers who are more interested in earning money by adding industrial products beyond their specialty, They create .

In 2008, Poya Industrial Mobdel launched its first industrial yogurt production, which lasted for a decade, at that time, dairy production was not in this form today, for example, for the production of dough, milk in copper pots or pots Bake the milk cooler and put on the flame directly on the milk cooler and then turn it into yogurt, pouring the yogurt into a washing machine or galvanized mixer, and the butter separates it into The remaining yogurt was diluted and added water to make dough.

In industrial units, two processes are used to produce buttermilk: two-phase dough monophase and dough, commonly known as new machine friends, who use new methods of marketing to distribute their products. Dough was manufactured late in industrial units from a milk mill or from a previous breeder. Dough should be separated from the dough to produce dough, because in case of high fat dough, it is moldy and can become corrosive over the long term. After separating and balancing the fat needed for the production of dough, the milk was poured into the process of the tank and heated to the temperature, and according to its formulation, it was produced and, after treatment, pasteurized the dough, and in the end, the dough and The essential oils were added and then packed. The shelf-life of this type of dough was at most 45 days from the date of production and packaging. It is worth noting that during this period of 45 days, the taste of dough was thanks to preservatives like the first day and there was no change in the taste and color of the dough.

If the produced dough in the mash-up units is 4 to 7 days or bitter, it can be undone to drink due to excessive gas (due to its acidity).

We obtained the final formula in 2008 after extensive and variable tests of the industrial dough formula and its integration with traditional dough. To produce semi-industrial traditional dough, this dough can be stored without flavor changes without additives 12 to 15 days. Has a color. This dough does not have to be baked in normal conditions, and it utilizes traditional and traditional cooking conditions.

Eventually, after production, it should be cold quickly, so that it can not be broken or corrupted for 12 to 15 days to survive.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the friends of the manufacturer of new machines and friends who, without research and work of the boss, only copying the above equipment have not yet been able to achieve this production process. We can safely say that 90% of the makers working in the field of production and sale of traditional dairy equipment and mast management have received information from the Poya Mobadal Company Punsam Industrial Group brand (documents are documented and written) We thank God that has been a boom in the manufacturing and manufacturing of traditional dairy equipment in the country.

Pouya Industrial Co. has started its activities since 1381 and in 2008, with the registration of companies and brands, it has been designing and manufacturing machinery for purifying salt production line, dairy production line, steel tanks, reactors and processors Steel, refrigerating systems such as refrigerators, AisBank, Chiller, Chiller, Dough Dispenser and Industrial Water Distiller, Equipment for Livestock and Milk Collection, but new entrants from 1390 to 1394 entered this field (Manufacturing of Yogurt Machines ).

In the end, it is worth noting that the process of producing and selling traditional dough, as well as other products of this group, requires research and expert work, the dough dispenser, Pouya Sanat Mobled, causes the product to last with quality and using the formula Be more accurate than your other competitors.

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