1 ton of feed mixer

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

1 ton of feed mixer

42 امتیاز

Product Code : PSM7-2-1

Making : 2018

Originality of goods : Original

قیمت : 1000 تومان

مشخصات کلی : 1 ton of feed mixer

Animal husbandry mixer:

In livestock units, feeding and rationing for livestock feed is one of the main concerns of livestock breeders, livestock breeders should prepare their livestock daily for their environmental requirements.

In the daily ration of dairy cows and fattening, livestock concentrations with fresh fodder are always fruitful and result in increased freshness, growth rate and livestock health.

Therefore, there is always a need for a device for mixing and matching substances such as barley, bran, sugar beet pulp, cottonseed meal, with mineral and vitamin supplementation in livestock units.

Technical Specifications

Type of sheet: black iron
Body thickness: 3 mm
Lens thickness: 3 mm
Thickness of the floor cone: 3 mm
Central drain pipe diameter: 20 cm
Central Madonna: Iron
Number of output valves: two numbers
Thickness of the funnel sheet: 2 mm
Electromotive Transmission Type: Foley Two Straps
Power and electromotor distances: 4 horse 1400 rpm
Electromotor brand: Yugoslavia _ Germany _ Netherlands
The color of the device: green-blue-blue-green
Feed mixer accessories:
Ladder, tailor valve, riglage electro motors, internal ladder, switches and switches, 5 m connection cable

Delivery time: 7 working days

Animal feed mixer review

No matter how much this device combines with the up-to-date synchronization and mixing capabilities, it can take a shorter time to prepare a compact concentrate.
Unfortunately, in our country, Dammran is one of the poorest in the business.
There should always be plenty of food to feed, instead of having a lavish market when it comes to livestock products such as meat or milk.
We have been and will be able to provide the best equipment in terms of technical specifications and prices in accordance with the technical specifications. The long-term maintenance and maintenance concerns of these equipment will enable the livestock breeders to have better management in other parts of their units. .
Good mixer mixer for preparing feed or concentrate requires a good milling machine, we have provided good and modern cereal milling equipment sales department so that customers can visit those parts too.
When the product is warranted and after-sales service, we can safely buy it. Our food mixer also has a one-year warranty and ten years of after-sales service.

We have always tried to provide you with the best, because we will be able to stay active with our units and we will support the vital cycle of each other. Since the beginning of 1397, the managers of this set of policy advocacy policies and all the advice Technical, service, and sales are offered free of charge to your loved ones so you can buy the best devices at the lowest prices

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