2500-liter single-layer steel transfer tank

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

2500-liter single-layer steel transfer tank

12 امتیاز

Product Code : PSM1-4-2

Making : 2018

گارانتی : 1 year body

Originality of goods : original

قیمت : 2150 تومان

مشخصات کلی : 2500-liter single-layer steel transfer tank

Technical Specifications

Type of sheet: Stainless Steel 304 Spain
Body thickness: 2 mm from stainless steel 304
Lens thickness: 3 mm from steel 304
Number of cells: 2 houses equal
Capacity of each cell: 1250 liters
Tank chassis: 4 mm iron cast
Tank type chassis: integral longitudinal with height 23 cm
The number of doors in the tank: two doors of a person with a diameter of 43 cm
Number, size and type of valve outlet: 2 Taiwan butterfly valve 51 mm
Number of rinsing balls: 2 CIP washer balls
Type of welding and cleaning surface: Argon welding type and polished weld location
Single-layer transmission tanks
The top corridor of steel is 304 mm 2 mm, the rear ladder and protective guard, the valve outlets, the common exhaust pipe, the belt of the tank, the tower to the load cell,

Stainless Steel Transmission Tank :

We often see tanks on intercity roads, highways or industrial areas. Tanks for the handling of materials that can not be moved by open-cell and chassis trucks are designed and constructed. Perhaps each of us is confronted with their types, they are used to transport powders such as bulk cement and food flours and for liquids such as drinking water, edible oils, raw milk, acids and derivatives.

Design and construction standards for each of these tanks are different from one another.

Stainless steel tanks, in turn, have certain characteristics that are more resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel tankers are used where their in-house products are directly relevant to high-pH foods, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, and to the health of people in the community.

Pouya Industrial Mobdel Co. is a designer and manufacturer of all types of steel containers for use in: transportation of drinking water, carrying milk, carrying oil, carrying acid and carrying glucose.

Designable capacity of 1000 to 27000 liters in single-wall steel tanks and 1000 to 24000 liters in double-wall tanks.

The type of sheet and alloy used can be 304 and 316 stainless steel depending on the type of portable products.

Review of Steel Transmission Tanks :

Stainless steel tanks due to the import of raw materials, fittings and consumables are much more expensive than steel tanks. Given the higher cost of these tanks, there are obviously fewer countries in the country than steel tanks.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of any controls on how to construct these types of reservoirs and the lack of suitable facilities for standardizing the construction and production of stainless steel tanks in our country, we see that many workshops have been making such tanks for more profit. In the absence of a standard in the design and construction of stainless steel tanks, and in particular stainless steel tanks, the risks and disadvantages of such as: 1. Diligent and endangered human life 2. Financial risks and the loss of millions of dollars of property of compatriots notice us .

We have always believed that low-quality, low-grade, high-quality, high-quality, low-grade, low-grade, low-grade, low-grade, low-grade, low-grade, low-grade, low-grade, low-grade, low-quality, non-reusable tankers, as long as poor quality products and improper competition among our builders We can not expect that we are moving forward. Stainless steel tanks have a higher price than non-quality tanks, so our compatriots are paying more for a purchase at a time of purchase, but with a little ponder, one can get a good one by buying a device with Life is three to five times as poor as the poor. Of course, the loss of honesty among our creators is also one of the main ways in which our compatriots are trapped. Unfortunately, due to the lack of technical information of our customers during the construction of steel containers, unfortunately, some of the manufacturers change the thicknesses of the pre-sales specifications to make more profit, but they are unaware of the fact that In the least possible time, their tanks are damaged and damaged and they have to repair them.

All machines made by Pouya Industrial Co. have one year warranty and 10 years after sales service.

We hope that we can see the profits of our compatriots in terms of personal income and all of them together in an economic boom.

Strengths :

The strengths of the steel transfer tanks are as follows:

- Maintenance and transmission of reluctance due to contamination and material corruption

- Lightweight steel tanks

- Has a long and long life as compared to steel and plastic tanks

- Integrated beauty of steel tanks compared to steel and plastic tubes

weak points :

- The weaknesses of the steel transfer tanks are as follows:

- The high cost of finished tanks due to the fact that the stainless steel is imported and the new alloy is new

- Hard repair of tanks at break time

- Inaccessible material for consumables of these tanks

- The absorption of cold and severe heat in single-layer tanks

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