(Three-layer steel tank 300 liters (300 liter tank processing

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

(Three-layer steel tank 300 liters (300 liter tank processing

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Product Code : PSM1-3-1

Making : 2018

گارانتی : 1 Year

Originality of goods : original

قیمت : 1950 تومان

مشخصات کلی : (Three-layer steel tank 300 liters (300 liter tank processing

Technical Specifications

Type of sheet: Stainless Steel 304 Spain
Body thickness: 3 mm from steel 304
Lens thickness: 3 mm from stainless steel 304
Lens thickness: 3 mm from stainless steel 304
Type of jacket used: ovoid shoulder
Body jacket thickness: 1.5mm
Fat sweater thickness: 1.5 mm
Exterior body thickness: 1.5 mm steel 304
Outer floor lens thickness: 1.5 mm steel 304
Tank type: Open hinged sides
Power and range of the electromotor: 75 hp 30 rounds
Electromotor type: Sew Germany
Type and type of internal stirrer: Stainless steel brush 304
Type and size of the central shaft of the mixer: 40 mm shaft of stainless steel 304
Size and type of outlet valve: 38mm Taiwan
Tank jacket size: 70% of tank surface
Fixed three-layer reservoir
Height adjusting screw, inlet and outlet, air vent, hinged doors, ladder for up to 2000 liters capacity, CIP wash basin, tank fitting chassis, sampling valve, Italian round thermometer,

Three-layer steel tank or tank processing

In the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, stainless steel tanks are used to produce and process products.
Due to the fact that each product requires several stages for processing or processing, so the applied steel containers in these industries have different operating conditions in different directions.
For a comprehensive and detailed description, we will list a process example in the introduction and review section for each of the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Review three-layer steel tanks

Tank steel processing and application in various industries

In the food industry, treating and treating a product requires a temperature for mixing or ghosting two or more formulas. For example, for the production of syrup, water, essential oils, sugars and colorants should be mixed at a temperature of 55 to 65 ° C. Then, for the purpose of microbial dehydration and longer shelf-life, pasteurization is carried out at temperatures of 76 to 86 ° C, and then for packaging Their temperature is reduced to 4 to 45 degrees Celsius. All these syrup processing operations must be carried out in a limited time and in a steel tank, and since it has been served to you, this process has twice raised the temperature and has been reduced to one time, albeit being constantly mixing. . To carry out this process, the stainless steel tank should be provided with layers for passing hot and cold fluid. This type of steel tanks is designed to pass through steam and cold water from a chiller or iis bank. It is designed to withstand vapor pressure and thermal stress, and then to prevent energy loss during production, a steel thermal protective layer is applied to it. The required insulation is designed. Now, after finishing the design, we see that we have a three-tier stainless steel tank, each of which performs its own operation, and has a full-blown mixer and stirrer.

Similarly, in the pharmaceutical industry, three-layer tanks are used to make pharmaceutical products and sponge or specialty packs, and the above-mentioned operations are carried out under the formulation of a production to produce a number of intermittent and non-identical products of the process. It is worth noting that the standards for the production of reservoirs are different in the pharmaceutical industry with other industries, and the input and output parts of the drug reservoirs, along with the internal and external levels, should benefit from the specific polishing and electroplating standards.

In the chemical industry, there are more different processes and hard work. Considering most of the chemical processes that are carried out in the world, these products have high and different PHs, which make them problematic for functional steel containers in this The industry. To control this corrosion in the inner and outer body, different corrosion resistant steel alloys (stainless steel 316) are used. The process type is the same, but the temperatures and fluctuations are much different than the food and pharmaceutical industries. In some chemical products, the temperature required is increased to 360 ° C, and it is possible that another product needs a temperature of -30 ° C, so making and constructing three-layer tanks or steel tank processes in different chemical industries Is more.

Strengths :

The strengths of the tank process or the three-layer tank are as follows:

- Quick cooking related products in the shortest time

- Low energy consumption in front of two-tier reservoirs

- Ability to bake several products

- The beauty of the reservoir in the production hall and the places of deployment

- Better control of temperature and energy consumption

weak points :

- The three-layer tanks or three-tier processor weaknesses are as follows:

- The high cost of finished tanks due to the fact that the stainless steel is imported and the new alloy is new

- Hard repair of tanks at break time

- The heavy capacity of the above reservoirs compared to the old two-tier reservoirs

- The need to use 50% capacity of the reservoirs

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