Dairy mill 3ton

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Dairy mill 3ton

16 امتیاز

Product Code : PSM7-1-5

Making : 2018

گارانتی : 1 year body

Originality of goods : Original

قیمت : 1052 تومان

مشخصات کلی : Dairy mill 3ton

Livestock and poultry mill

Since the name of this machine is known, it is the duty of the microcircuit to split the material poured into the device. This machine is used in a wide range of industries.
One of the most popular industries in the field is livestock and poultry farming.
In both industries, there is a need for crushing and grinding cereals, such as corn, barley, wheat, and maize.
Due to the soft and protein content of high grain cereal mills, the grain should be converted into a few parts (bulgur) and no need to flour off grains.
The grains of these grains, along with protein substances and dietary supplements, are used for every meal of these industries.
The livestock and poultry cereal mill, depending on the number and consumption of daily feed, can be designed and baked.
The main structure is that the core of the rotor is placed by a few anti-abrasion belts inside a chamber and the force required by the cobble or foli belt is transmitted through a rotary motor with a 3000 rpm rotor.
The material is then introduced through the top silo of the mill and into the grinder by collision to the body, and is obtained by the interchangeable grinding of the required grain.
The ease of operation and replacement of parts of this machine is set to a degree that is carried out in each unit of livestock and poultry without the need for technical technicians repair and disassembly.

Technical Specifications

Body thickness: 6 mm
High Silage Thickness: 2 mm
Type of device chassis: 8 and 8 pivots
Electromotor type: Chinese cast shell
Power and range of the electromotor: 20 horses 3,000 rounds of European
Machine Function: Three Phase
Number of Blades: 24 to 32 Hammers
Delivery time: 12 working days
Milling accessories:
Valve open the rotor valve,
Cable and plug three-phase power input,
3-phase main switch,
Miniature controller key
2 pieces of lace,
Inlet Valve Check Valve


- Low cost device for the production and mix of animal feed in cattle and poultry units

-The consumption of electricity consumed due to the capacity of the machine

-Easy to operate and replace machine parts

- Low noise over high capacities


weak points

- Dust when working

- The need for a permanent worker to crush

- Requires 3-phase power supply

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