1000 liters milk cooler

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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

1000 liters milk cooler

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Product Code : PSM10-2-6

Making : 2018

گارانتی : 1 Year

Originality of goods : Original

قیمت : 1870 تومان

مشخصات کلی : 1000 liters milk cooler

Technical Specifications

Internal wall thickness Sheet weight: 304 stainless steel imported 1.5 mill
External wall thickness Sheet weight: 60% mm Sheet coated steel 202
Specifications for the chassis holder device: 40x40x40x40mm
Type and Size of Refrigerating Tubes: Tube 030 1/2 inches
Model and power of the cryogenic compressor: 1/5 of Thailand's Keltron R22
Model and electrical power of cooling condenser: 2 bonnet showers, copper pipes, two-dimensional fan motogen
Model and power of the electromotor: a 25% Italian kiln with a rotating force of 30 rpm
Type and type of agitator: stainless steel 304 double pivot
Device control and operation: thermostat and thermometer in single-phase mode
Milk cooling accessories:
Key 0 and 1 turn off the device,
The key 0 and 1 turn off the stirrer,
Polystyrene insulation is 3 cm long,
Double-glazed double-foamed insulating foam, Galvanized flooring,
38mm Taiwan Steel Outlet Tap,
Compressor section protector, Stainless steel door

Delivery time: 7 working days

Technical Info Cooling Milk

Cooling valve is used to cool the milk and can be designed and constructed with different capacities.
Milk coolers are used depending on their type and capacity to hold milk, dough and ice cream. Unfortunately, in our country, due to lack of adequate supervision by the government on the way of manufacturing and manufacturing of industrial equipment, including milk cooling machine, we see In many parts of the city, small-scale industrial workshops and small shops produce milk cooling devices.

With increasing number of manufacturers, the supply has increased subsequently, and prices are reduced when the demand for a milk cooling appliance and dairy products complement this device.
Due to the fall in prices, there are two phenomena: 1) the recession will enter the market for the sale and production of these equipment; 2) high competitiveness in the sale of the milk taper system.

The stagnation task in each market is clear, but when it comes to competition, the same small workshops, small shops, shop windows, and vendors of refrigerated windows are causing a drop in the quality of the original product or the production of devices that are outside the standard.

The drop in quality occurs when refrigerant manufacturers enter the seasonal and localized production of a milk cooler. We are going to give you an overview of the production of a 500-liter milking machine to make it clearer what the story of the cheaper milk coolers is.

Poya Industrial Moble Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers in the country with a one-year warranty and 10 years of after-sales service.

Poya Mobadal Co. uses its best compressors and kendassers in the world for its bellows.

Poya Sahand Mobalad is shipping to different parts of the world. The targets of the Pussam Company are Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Germany, Sudan and South Africa.

Reviews of 500 liters of standard and non-standard stores:

In our review section, we decide to introduce the component parts of a standard 500-liter cooling chamber for your valued customers and identify their prices.

500 l standard cooling valve components Standard:

1 - Van made of stainless steel 304 imported with a thickness of 1.5 mm

The type of pouring from the inside and white and polished

Angle or frame away from stainless steel 304 with a thickness of 1.5 mm

Double hinged door of stainless steel 304 with thickness of 1 mm

2- Copper tube 3/8 inch 2 coils 030 with a thickness of 0,75 mm of the factory

3- Compressor 1 Thai Clontarium Horses with Startup Supplies and Power Box

4. Condenser 1.5 hp copper screw duofen 4 loll

5-Twenty-Five-Twenty Million Italian Knee-Washer 30 RPM

6- chassis of iron 30 × 30 iron. 1.5 meats

7. Polystyrene insulation is 3 centimeters ready for compression and aluminum foam

8. The steel mixer with a 25 mm 304 tube and a 25 x 26 cm butterfly 12 cm stainless steel 1.5 mill

9-Sheet Coated with 0/5 mm Covered Covered 202

10- 6 cm diameter thermometer and original prehistoric thermostat

11 Cable 2 × 2/5, wires with wire 1/5, turning the lights on and off

12. Welding Tin 60 to 40 (tin to lead)

The total cost of making the machine with a standard tap is 4300000 USD without production costs and sales profits

The cost of producing a machine is 650000 USD per 4 working days. 2 professors

Total sum: 4950000 USD + 20% Sales of goods = 5940000 USD
Non-standard 500 liters milk cooling components:

1- Tub made of stainless steel 304 imported with thickness of 1.25 mm or made of steel 202

Type of tubing from the outside and the presence of weld seam inside the tub

Angle or frame away from stainless steel 304 and 202 with a thickness of 1 mm as stitched

Two hinged door hinges made of stainless steel 202 with thickness of 0/7 mm

2- Copper tube 3/8 inch 1 Cylinder 025 with thickness of 040 mm Misc and market

3- Three-fourths compression chains of the Chinese horse or Spain with a power system installed in the body

4. Condenser 1 single-hull aluminum horse

5-Seat 15 Kwit Chinese with gearbox type 30 Chinese

6 chassis of iron 30 × 30, 1 meal of iron meat

7- Polystyrene 2-centimeter regular insulation without glass wool

8. The steel mixer with a tube of 16 mm 304 and a 10 x 20 cm pen 1/5 mm

9-Sheet Coated with 0/5 mm Covered Covered 202

10. Rotary Thermometer

11 Cable 2 in 1/5, wiring with score wire 1, switches on and off the device

12. Welding tin 40 to 60 (tin to lead)

The cost of manufacturing the non-standard non-standardized milk cooler system is 3250000 USD without production costs and sales profits

The cost of producing a machine is 650000 USD per 4 working days. 2 professors

Total amount: 3900000 USD + 35% Sales profits = 5260000 USD

With a thumbnail, you'll find that traditional or milk dairy makers sell their devices with higher profits to their customers, but 99% of these stores do not make any commitment to warranty and after-sales service.

The above is just the same as the cost of a 500-liter milk cooling device, and it's not mentioned in the construction of new devices such as twins that are completely out of the standard design of cooling systems.

In contrast to the traditional milk and milk equipment produced by reputable companies and not every company (# the reputable company is said to be a company that is responsible for its built-in equipment and considers the customer as an integral part of its portfolio and is available 24 hours a day. Provide customer service.). They have a one-year warranty of up to one year of after-sales service and free advice before purchasing the device fairly.

Pouya Sohand Mobild Company in your city of residence is the customer of the installed device and if you need to ensure the provision of warranty service and after sales, you can contact our friends at the sales department.

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