150 Liter Stainless Steel Mixer Tank

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

150 Liter Stainless Steel Mixer Tank

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Product Code : psm10-3

Making : 2018

گارانتی : 1 Year

Originality of goods : Original

قیمت : 80000 تومان

مشخصات کلی : 150 Liter Stainless Steel Mixer Tank

Technical Specifications

Body Thickness: Steel 304 Imported 1.5mm
Lens Floor Thickness: 304 Steel Imported 3 mm
High lens thickness: Imported steel 304 mm 3 mm
Type of mixer: vertical single-phase
Power and electromotor distance: 1/5 horse 900 round Italian
Layer number: single layer
Number and height of bases: Three pillars with height of 65 centimeters
Size and Type of Outlet Milk: Butterfly Valve Butterfly 304 Butterfly Taiwan Size 38mm
Type of welding and cleaning surface: Argon and polished
Delivery time: 3 working days
Dimensions: 55 cm in diameter and 65 cm in height

Butter mixer

In the dairy industry, milk mixers should be used.
Traditional or traditional mast management workshops were used in the absence of sufficient capital for simple and basic devices.
Since we have always been active in the process of updating this facility, we have been working to prevent the contamination of these workshops through the construction of single-layer mixer tanks by creating single-layer tanks, which is why steel tanks with a base and a valve and fittings The mixer is being built and exposed.

These tanks, or rather, were designed and built to homogenize or disassemble the milk fat in dairy factories and masterships, but due to the expensive equipment for milk production or processing, or the process of tanks (cooking tank milk), small units by placing the burner below these mixers also use them as mastbag milk baking systems.

Butter Mixer Review

The tissue of milk consists of water, dry matter, fat, protein, lactose and other salts and gases. Fat is one of the major ingredients in milk, which varies in the production of products, and is capable of decreasing and increasing in dairy products.
By adding fat to milk and formula ratios, it is possible to increase the milk fat content by up to 15% over a certain period of time, thereby increasing the production rate of the industrial shrimp from the cooking milk. .

Conversely, when we are planning to produce pasteurized butter or butter, by breaking down the processes and operating the physical tissue, we break the milk tissue and separate the fat, then the separated fat can be converted into traditional sour butter or dough butter Pasteurized cream or cream pasteurized.

The description of the production process with the first-class equipment of a specific design can help manufacturers to more efficiently. Poya Sohrab Co. has long been thinking about upgrading most industrial equipment.
In the year of 97 and after a decade of activity in designing and manufacturing of traditional, industrial, dough and pasteurized butter, we have manufactured a machine that we can use as a superior generation of electric blades or superior generation of mixer blades and butter. Name a dough.
In this type of design, with the minimum energy required, we can use the force of 1 horse 150 liters of yogurt to degrease yogurt or the so-called traditional yogurt to become dough and remove the adipose tissue from the surface of the muscular Separated.
The interesting thing about this process is that in 15 minutes, the butter is separated from the yogurt tissue and the dough remains in the mixing room.

The main process of mixing cream is under the sprays with pasteurized milk during the production process.
With designs that have been updated over the years, we have come to this generation of sweetened mixers, which, in the course of 25 minutes, process the mixing of cream under the septic tank with lion to make the process of production in the next steps.

We are constantly thinking about upgrading the machine industry in the country and constantly updating our production equipment with the world of science.

Dear customers, Before making any purchase, make sure that the equipment is working properly on all domestic and foreign manufacturers, otherwise the first thing you need to do is to trust you.

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