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Will yogurts be the savior of dairy farms and people's pockets?

Due to the increasing price of dairy products and as a result of the decrease in the purchasing power of consumers, the sale of milk by livestock has also decreased significantly and has reached its lowest level in the last 10 years .....

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Corona virus and ways to deal with it

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses. Some coronaviruses cause disease in humans and others in animals such as bats, camels and cats. Human coronaviruses usually cause a mild illness, such as a simple cold.

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What is the task of industrial producers in the country at this critical time?

This is the question that we (Pouya Sanat Mobadel Company), as one of the industrial members of the country, ask the esteemed government officials. We are in the midst of a very heavy pressure at the time of production, in the body of all the incumbent governments from the beginning until today, the issue of job creation is always ....

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Can we optimize the quality of traditional dairy products

We can prepare a formula for the traditional workshops and mast management in the country so that they will be able to produce dairy products in the best interest of their health. The use of traditional dairy

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